Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kambatik Eco-farm Panoramas

It's a Kambatik World out there! Kambatik = Kampung + Batik. Kampung connotes rural, Malay traditional lifestyle, and batik represents colour inspirations, active composition and Malaysian identity. View looking WEST.
View looking SOUTH

View looking EAST.
Here are some scenic shots of my "kambatik eco-farm" taken from higher ground. Notice the bright orange/red/yellow colours of the eugenia longifolia young leaves in stark contrast to the dark green leaves of the oil palm trees. Eugenia longifolias are medium size trees ( max. ht. 5 m), that were planted here about two and a half years ago as "advance growing trees".
They were planted earlier than the oil palm trees for many reasons. They prevent soil erosion on steep slopes, home for wildlife, shade and beautification purposes ( avenue/boulevard look) thus helping to delineate the untarred roads better, especially when you have to manouver the roads in heavy rain at night. Some would call this fuction as engineering pupose!.
The oil palm trees are now mostly 15 months planted in-situ. That means another one whole year t0 wait before they bear fruits and producing the commercial success our " blood, sweat and tears" are looking forward to.

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