Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Recycle rain water at Eco-farm

This month we are right in the midst of the 'landas' or monsoon season when rain is a daily occurrence. Despite having it in abundance nothing should go to waste. The rain water is recycled for drinking, cooking, washing and general cleaning purposes. The plus point about recycled rainwater is that it is not tampered with chemical, as in piped water distributed throughout Bintulu town by the local water regulatory and supply authority here called LAKU.

How can a simple act of recycling rainwater help with improving our quality of life?

# Reduce usage of piped water, which process involves the importation of chemicals from foreign countries like China and energy to drive the mechanical pumps at the water intake points and along distribution lines network, help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.

# Saving on domestic expenditure from reduced water consumption . Savings can be used for other quality purchases.

Rainfall Statistics for Malaysia

# 3000 mm/ yr but only 3% is consumed. The rest goes into streams, rivers ,surface runoff and underground.

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