Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 and We have only just begun.

A small 'lumok'tree . A very mature plant of the species can reach 30 m high.

Just before the 2007 ends, I have cleared the balance of land in our eco-farm for additional oil palm cultivation this coming new year 2008. Hopefully we go into opening up another 15 acres of adjacent land during the 2008 calender.

But today I could harvest about thirty numbers of 'lumok'fruits , also referred to 'buah terap' in Malay.

Scientifically referred to as Artocarpus lowii , the 'lumok'tree is a seasonal fruit that grows wildly in our farm. In Bintulu it bears fruits during the months of November till December without fail. For this reason a small vegetation island has been preserved during the clearing of the balance of 4 acres of land mentioned earlier to allow for the survival of lumok trees grown by earlier settlers here. It is auspicious that we start the new year with a bountiful harvest of 'lumok'fruits.

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