Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Friday Miracles at the Farm

At the eco-farm last Friday, i.e. 25/1/08, I witnessed two miracles of nature before my eyes.

Firstly, around 8.10 pm Daisy, our four years old cat, gave birth to two kittens which we decided to name them as Einstein and Inul on the second day.

I felt privileged by Daisy allowing me to photograph and video the whole episode. Below are snapshots of the bigger family.

Einstein, the male is at the top of the pix, looking rather dark and black. Inul, the female is of lighter complexion but nonetheless of very mixed colours.

So now its , "Four is Enough". After two days old the new additions are taken to a family box for photo taking. Macy Grey is happy and feels comfortable , whilst Daisy appears very caring.
Second Miracle
Secondly, the oil palm tree with identification tag no: J2/ZD-31, showed inflorescences after about 20 months old ,when it was just a minute seedling with a radicle and a shoot. This species is of Golden Hope 500 series and was imported from Tawau, Sabah.

This seedling was planted in-situ fresh from our on site nursery sometimes in December, 2006.

A longer view of the flowering oil palm tree. Note the landscaping plants being dug out around it
as intermediate harvests.

Close up view of the inflorescences. Note the distance from ground level.

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